Christmas Sunday & Invitations

December 22, 2019

Christmas Sunday is my favorite Sunday of the year. I love dressing up in coordinating family outfits (when it happens) to attend our worship service. This year, our hour-long church service was just musical numbers. Blake, Evelyn, and Oliver performed with some other neighbor friends and were sweet as they sang Away in a Manger. I sang Silent Night with the Young Women.

As part of the #LighttheWorld campaign, we were challenged to invite someone to attend with us. I have been praying about who we could invite. I kept having the prompting to invite Sue, a lady who lives in our neighborhood. I kept making excuses as to why I shouldn’t invite her, but finally on Friday this week, I just did it. It took a lot of faith and got me out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately, she was hosting a brunch the same time, so she couldn’t come. Brandon’s friend that he invited didn’t come either. But instead of feeling discouraged, I felt happy that I did something hard. And that I did my part to invite.

I realized that this is like my Savior Jesus Christ. He invitation is always there. He always does His part, and it’s up to me to show up and do the things I know that are right such as reading my scriptures, praying daily, serving, going to church and going to the temple.

It was all fun and games….until it wasn’t. Cue the tears.

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