Sea-sons Greetings!

December 29, 2019

I had just about given up on Christmas cards this year, but while we were in Hilton Head Island this December, Kristin asked me to take some pics of her family on the beach. And she kindly agreed to snap a few for us. So I rounded up the clothes we had brought (thankfully all of our clothes were pretty neutral and minimal so they coordinated) and I grabbed some Santa hats from the Dollar Tree down from our condo.

We got a lot of bad ones with crying, hungry kids and hair in our faces, but a Christmas miracle that we got a decent one for a Christmas card! I love sending Christmas cards because it’s like sending a little bit of love to the people who have been in our lives.

And since I love puns, it was Sea-sons greetings from the Sundays.


It’s been an incredible year with so many more adventures than we ever planned on. Life is so fragile and precious and you just never know when circumstances will change. So we’ve been trying to take the opportunities when they come.  Life is not perfect. It’s easy to post about the good moments. Because how often do I get to pause a frustrating situation so I can come and blog about it? Never!

But looking back and highlighting the good has been a blessing to me to realize that despite the ups and downs of depression, anxiety, and trials, it is a wonderful life.

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