Brandon’s 35th Birthday

March 18, 2020

Brandon’s birthday was pretty earth-shattering this year. Seriously. We were awakened around 7:15 to our first ever earthquake. All of our children came running into our room and climbed in bed with us.

We were all wondering if that really had just happened, but the immediate texts and marco polos coming in confirmed that it was in fact an earthquake.

It was day 3 of our quarantine life due to Covid-19, so we were still adjusting to the new normal. And then this really threw us all for a loop.

We had planned to go on a lunch date and other fun things, but the earthquake really shook things up and quickly changed our plans. Brandon had so much more work than he expected.

The stress of his business losing about 80% of the projects really got to him and he just wasn’t feeling the plans we had made. We all wanted to cry that day.

But the happy spot was taking a walk, him making amazing fettucine alfredo (his request) and then eating ice cream cones for his cake.

We’ll just say this birthday will get a re-do. Because he just works so hard for us and he deserves a better way to celebrate him in our life. We love him so much!

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