Coronavirus Craziness (2)

March 18, 2020

Time for another update!

It’s March 17th, just 4 days after our world changed, especially in our neck of the woods.

After hearing that church would be cancelled for 2 weeks, I think that sent a lot of Utahns into even greater panic. Myself included. I had already bought groceries for the week, but I went one more time to stock up some more.

Toilet paper had already been sold out for weeks now. My visit to Smith’s was unlike any other shopping trip.

The parking lot was completely full.

All of the carts were being used. I followed a man out to his car to get his when he finished.

The line was wrapped to the back of the store.

Bananas and potatoes were sold out.

So many of our staples were nearly gone: peanut butter, pasta, bread, almond milk, cereal, baking ingredients, butter, cleaning supplies, frozen pizza.

Thankfully, I was able to grab a few of the remaining ones. I have never seen the shelves so bare. (And I heard just a few hours later the shelves were completely empty.)

On Saturday, I took a big load to the Deseret Industries. I worked really hard that morning to get our storage cleaned out and organized so I knew what our needs were and so that we could function better once all the children were home.

I also stopped by Walmart, where there were also completely empty aisles. Just in case, I got stuff for Easter. Not that it’s essential, but in times like these, I want to keep life as normal as possible.

On Sunday, we had our first Home Church. We had a nice breakfast and then got dressed in our church clothes. Blake was in charge of a lesson. Evelyn was in charge of the music. Brandon blessed and passed the sacrament, which was a really holy experience.

I’ll never forget sitting on our blue couch juggling a wiggle Eli and Oliver also wanting to sit on my lap while we tried to remain quiet as Brandon passed us the Sacrament.

I’m so grateful that in this crazy time, we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and allows the Priesthood power to be in our homes.

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