Coronavirus Craziness (3)

March 18, 2020

And then we had an earthquake! As if our world wasn’t crazy enough with the Covid-19, we were woken up by a 5.7 earthquake.

How is that for an earth-shattering way to begin Brandon’s 35th birthday!

I’ve never been in an earthquake before. I remember being asleep and feeling some shaking. At first, I thought it was my dream.

It was loud, almost like the wind was blowing really hard, except there was no wind. It almost sounded like squeeking, too. I opened my eyes from my pillow and saw the wall move back and forth. It lasted about 10 seconds, or so it seemed.

I remember thinking, “is this an earthquake?” Blake and Evelyn immediately ran into our room and asked, “Mom, what is happening?” They climbed into our bed.

Brandon and I were still trying to process what had just happened. We were at first afraid to admit to our children that we had just in fact experienced an earthquake. But, it was the truth.

Immediately our phones started buzzing and family texts and Marco Polos were quickly coming in. Everyone was asking if we had felt that, too.

Our plans for the day quickly turned around. There was rumor spread that another bigger quake was coming within a few hours. Even though we found that to be false, we still loaded up in our van and car and drove immediately to the gas station to fill up.

Then I drove with the children to the bank to get some cash just in case. And stopped at Harmons to pick up some extra water and granola bars.

This was all very surreal. Despite our orders to stay inside our house due to “social distancing”, I also felt the need to update our 96-hour kits. I hadn’t worked on them since I was pregnant with Eli.

After Brandon’s birthday breakfast of orange rolls and Simply Orange, we pulled out the kits and worked to update them.

We had planned to go on a lunch date, but with the unexpected morning, work was out of control for him and he just wasn’t in a place emotionally to get away.

A week ago we had no idea this Covid-19 would affect our family so much. We are healthy which is the best thing, but we’ve seen how this is going to affect his business and work greatly.

Some big clients have cancelled work due to all the unknowns and he’s had to let 18 developers go, which was very draining for him.

We have saved for a rainy day (or a pandemic should we say), but it’s definitely taken a toll.

One happy moment of the day was going on a family bike ride to our park and fly the boomerang we got in Autralia.

Brandon requested to make his own dinner because he makes killer fettucine alfredo. It was yummy.

Exhausted emotionally and physcially, we started watching Harry Potter but couldn’t make it through.

I’m sure this wasn’t his best birthday, but it will definitely be unforgettable.

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