Coronavirus Craziness (5)

March 28, 2020

It’s Saturday morning and we just finished our 2nd week of home school. We are still in our Pjs. The children are doing art and I’m catching up on the blog. I thought it would be fun to ask our children what they think of all of this. This is what they said:

Blake 8 says, “It is super crazy because I knew that I don’t know if you guys never heard of Donavan Mitchell or Rudy Gober had the Covid-19 but there was 3 people in Utah who had it and I knew only 2.

When I was little my mom told me she thought that she knew what it was: so someone killed an animal in China and the animal might have got sick and they killed it and ate it so that’s how the Covid-19 had started.

When I was 8, the school has closed from March 16 to May 1. I was really happy to stay home because I like staying home with my mom and dad. I miss school because my friends were there and I liked playing football.

I couldn’t go anywhere right now because it is scary because if someone is at a restaurant and you went to it and the person sat in front or behind you, they could touch me and I could have had the Covid-19. But I didn’t.

I was also scared because if one of my friends have it then I couldn’t play with them. Also, the Church was closed for 2 weeks. It was really crazy.

Evelyn 6 says, “well, I’m just still a little scared. It’s because I just don’t want to get it. It’s because I’m just afraid of getting it from other people. Yes, I miss school. I really want to go to school. I can’t play with my friends because of Covid-19. I’m kind of sad about the coronavirus because I never played with Sloane in a while.

Oliver says, “When I go to the beach I’m scared of a tiger shark eating me. ” I then asked him if he knew what Covid-19 is and he said, “no.” I don’t think he’s realizing what’s going on.

A few new updates:

  • Most missionaries have returned to their home countries
  • Utah has issued a “Stay at Home” warning. We aren’t supposed to leave our house unless we shopping for essentials.
  • Schools have been closed until May 1 now.
  • No social gatherings are allowed.

Our new day-to-day looks like:

  • Eating breakfast
  • Doing schoolwork
  • Lunch
  • Outside time (no friends, usually in our back yard)
  • Nap time/tv time
  • Dinner time
  • Family time

I haven’t shopped or really been anywhere in the last few weeks. This week I got more used to doing home school and keeping up on other things.

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