Ballerina Evelyn

April 8, 2020

Evelyn wanted to do ballet for so long! But Brandon and I searched and hadn’t found a dance studio that fit along with our family values of modesty, cost-conscious, and wouldn’t consume our life.

Right before Christmas I found a studio that fit all these criteria and they were opening a class for the winter. So we signed Evelyn and up and surprised her with ballet clothes and slippers for Christmas.

The Illume Studio was set up so well that usually our entire family would go to watch her. The younger children would play with the toys and books. Cousin Charlotte even got to join in on a class when she was visiting.

Unfortunately, the studio had to close due to Covid-19 in March, so her dance season was cut short. We did try a few online lessons at home, nut it was a lot to keep up with.

She’s excited when she can go back to her dance class.

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