Eli: Born TWO Be Wild

April 17, 2020

Our sweet and calm baby Eli has turned into quite a wild toddler. So a wild birthday it was for him!

Truth be told, I woke up really depressed on his actual birthday, so we moved his birthday to the next day. I’m glad we did so we can focus on him in better spirits.

I had so much fun creating his birthday party…he definitely didn’t care. It was something creative to do amidst the monotony of this social distancing/stay at home order we’ve been facing for a month now.

At 2 years old, Eli is:

  • talking a lot! Mama, dadda, ewyn, bake, ah-ver is how he says our names. Whenever we call Eli, he’ll call back “Eli!”
  • He loves getting into everything: mascara, makeup, markers, you name it.
  • He’ll push the kitchen chairs to the cupboards and grab food and drinks from them.
  • He still sleeps in the soft-edged pack n play because he bangs his head against it at night and he got a big old bump from it! (and a bald spot)
  • He hasn’t has his 2 year old check yet, but we think he’s still on the small side. He’s wearing 18 month/2T clothes.
  • He loves going on walks, He’ll get his rain boots on all by himself and say “wat, wat”. He loves being outside, too.
  • We used his birthday money to get him a water table which he has loved!
  • He’s still blonde through and through and has the softest, fairest skin.

Here’s the party we had: we chose his favorite foods including pasta, grapes, cheetos, jello and zebra cake. He went straight for his cake before blowing the candles. It’s his party and he can do what he wants, right? He loved his binoculars and carried them around looking for things.

He’s so fun right now. So wild. But so fun.

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