Coronavirus Craziness (7)

June 5, 2020

Dusting off this blog to record life lately. It’s been a whirlwind lately with all sorts of normalcy completely turned upside down.

The children finished distance learning on May 17th. It was a big relief to have the responsibility of keeping them on task off of me. The hardest part about schooling them was trying to manage all my other daily tasks, toddler Eli who has to be watched every second, and feeling like my bucket was renewed enough to have something left to give. Needless to say, I’m glad the school district let us out a few week early.

Slowly things have been opening back up, but with lots of safety precautions in place. We are required to wear a mask in Costco. It’s strange to not be able to smile at anyway.

When I was at Old Navy this week, they made us wait outside until someone in the store left to keep the limited number of customers in check.

Church has still no resumed for us, although youth activities will start up in a few weeks.

We’ve been slow to jump back into normal social events and I still limit the children that play with mine. Covid-19 cases are still climbing per day and even though we are in the “yellow” zone, the virus is still very much in our state. Experts talk/fear that come Fall, we will face another shut down. (That would explain our $350 Costco bill tonight as we are trying to build up our supply while most items are back in stock now.)

I’m so happy that F45 is back open. Working out there 3-4 times a week has been so good for my overall physical and mental health. Class sizes are limited and we have to sanitize every weight or equipment in between each round. Hard to know if the world is ever going to be back to normal.

Since our big summer plans of going to New York (lake house and Palmyra) were cancelled, we decided to buy a pool! It has been a lot of work, but so. much. fun. We venture out on bike rides or hikes a few times a week, but since we are still spending most of our time at home, this has been a game changer.

Tonight was one for the books. Brandon got off early and came home for a family swim. We went to Costco together and then came back and enjoyed pizza on the patio with watermelon for dessert.

Here’s the little moments I don’t want to forget: first watermelon of the year!, Blake laughing at Calvin & Hobbes, and swim time!

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