My 34 Adventures

July 1, 2020

This is me at 35 (photo from Mantua poppy fields). My birthday gift to myself is to fill my year with adventures, new experiences, and learning new things. Here’s my 34 adventures at 34. It’s been a really good, crazy year!

  1. Took Evelyn on a girls trip to Carmel-By-The-Sea in California
  2. Celebrated 11th wedding anniversary scootering around SLC with Brandon
  3. Troubleshooted broken vacuum and fixed it
  4. Planned an epic King Cruise for family reunion
  5. Saw on Cash on Delivery & Putnam 25th Annual Spelling Bee plays with Brandon
  6. Make a cake from scratch for first time
  7. Rock climbed at Momentum gym with Sarah and Brandon
  8. Joined F45 studio and go 3-4 times a week
  9. Took my family on a trip to Georgia to visit the Murrays
  10. Visited Hilton Head Island
  11. Got an implant after 2 years of having a temporary front tooth
  12. Planned YW in Excellence “Glorious” night- red carpet themed night
  13. Didn’t buy anything the whole month of November
  14. Painted front door red for Christmas
  15. First paid speaking gig about family traditions at USU Marriage Celebration
  16. Tiled the laundry room by myself
  17. Got fingernails done for the first time
  18. Attended Alt Summit with Marcelle Calder (a dream of ours for years)
  19. Started Project Simplify- tracking ways I’ve simplified our life- got rid of tons of stuff
  20. Went to Banff Film Festival on a double date with Polls
  21. Snowshoed with all our children near Snow Basin
  22. Survived first earthquake on March 18, 2020
  23. Covid-19 shutdown of everything
  24. Homeschooled my kids from March 16th until end of school year
  25. Home church starting March 16
  26. First podcast interview- 500 seconds to Joy
  27. Started Book of Mormon in January and finished before special General Conference in April celebrating 200 years since First Vision
  28. Painted concrete patio fun design
  29. Quit sugar for 8 weeks
  30. Planned YW Stake Basketball & Volleyball seasons
  31. Biked around Mantua Reservoir
  32. Hiked Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon
  33. Slept in a renovated barn
  34. Learned how to take care of a pool and balance water chemicals

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