Evelyn at 6 3/4

July 5, 2020

Evelyn is so darling right now. She has become the greatest little mom to Eli and helper to me. She loves fancy things and collecting things to make her room pretty. She creates tons of artwork every day.

Evelyn loves getting Eli all ready for bed. She will bathe him, get him out, put on his diaper and pajamas, warm up a bottle and put him in his crib. And she will also remind us to be quiet since he is trying to go to sleep. I am so grateful for her help and Eli just adores her.

Evelyn loves fancy and pretty things. She loves carrying around baskets with art stuff or things to play with. She loves playing unicorns with Hallie Harrison. She gets dressed first thing in the morning and has a confident sense of style.

I had to hide my laughter when she came down for our Dugway adventure dressed like this. She loves being in the dirt, touching snakes and picking up bugs, but she can’t forget her pearls or sparkly purse. Oh I just love her.

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