Blake Goes To Aberdeen

August 6, 2020

My dad and Aunt Ruth invited Blake, Hudson, and Charlie to go with them to my Grandpa Max King’s farm in Aberdeen, Idaho.

The farm has such a special place in my heart since so many childhood memories took place there from harvesting potatoes in the Fall, eating Thanksgiving dinner with all the cousins, riding horses, driving tractors, swimming in the canal, and playing around the farm.

I was thrilled he could go and create his own memories there, even though my grandpa passed away when Blake was just a baby.

We got occasional photo updates of things they were doing: visiting the Pocatello temple being built, moving sprinkler pipes, picking apricots, tasting wheat straight from the field, going to the reservoir, and visiting the canal where my grandpa was baptized.

I asked Blake about his trip and this is what he said:

I liked eating wheat. I got to go to the drug store and get a finger skateboard, mini foosball game, and jelly bean soda.

I got to play basketball with rotten peaches. I got to go see where Grandpa Max got baptized. It was in the canal.

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