Marsh Lake 2020

August 23, 2020

Our King family trip was supposed to be in New York this summer (at a lake house and Palmyra), but Covid-19 changed that. In fact, we didn’t even think we would be doing a family reunion this year.

But the incredible stars aligned and we found one of the last weekends in August to venture up to our favorite Marsh Lake in the Uintahs. Considering this was a last minute trip, it was pretty awesome that 5 of the 7 siblings and my Dad (plus Pat) were able to be there.

The ingredients for a great Marsh Lake trip are cousins, good food, and no schedule. This was the first year it actually felt pretty relaxing since the older cousins pretty much entertained themselves and played from sunrise to sunset without much need from us.

Eli managed to keep us up the first night but after that we all slept fairly well in our new tent that we bought in May and finally used it!

This year’s highlights: treasure hunt, canoeing, crafts, hammock city, biking to the stream, playing Cover Your Assets, campfire songs, and guys swimming in the stream.

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