Until We Meet Again, Aunt Sherol

October 30, 2020

My Aunt Sherol was like my second mom. Before my mom passed away, she promised her that she would take care of all of us. And that she did.

She was my escort through the Temple along with many of my sisters and has been there to celebrate the birth of new babies and baptisms.

Sherol Ann Jensen unexpectedly passed away on October 22nd, 2020 in her home. I regret that I didn’t follow the promptings I had to call her before she passed.

The last time I saw her was on Memorial Day when her and Karen (also my mom’s sister) happened to be visiting my mom’s grave the same time we were.

She gave all the children butterscotch disc candies and dum dums. She loved little children and had a sweet way of always making them feel loved and included in everything.

One of my favorite stories that epitomizes her is when we were camping at Marsh Lake one year. Our two families rarely missed a summer week-long camping trip together at our favorite Marsh Lake in the Uintahs. My uncle Bob had set up a portable camping shower. He heated water on the stove and would add it to this portable shower bag.

Sherol was showering one afternoon when a huge gust of wind came. In her words, “A huge gust of wind came and there I was…wearing nothing but a smile.” The wind had blown the shower over. Haha.

If I could describe her in one word, it would be faith. I have never met a more faith-filled person before. Every time I saw her or talked on the phone, she would always share her testimony one way or another about how God is near and loves us. Despite her husband of 48 years leaving her and 5 of her 6 children eventually leaving the church, she remained faithful and knew that the gospel was true.

She loved the temple and fulfilled a few missions serving in the Ogden temple.

Her granny jar was always a favorite of me as a child and my children. A visit to her house always meant picking out a few treats from the granny jar.

She kept a basket of toys in her living room and never minded that the kids got them all out.

She loved holidays! Christmas was her favorite. At any day of the year you could ask her how many days there were until Christmas. She always had candy canes on her Christmas tree for visitors to take.

She loved teaching Sunbeams and primary. Neighborhood kids would visit her daily for a treat and stickers.

She covered everything in stickers. When you got a letter in the mail from her, you always knew it was from her before you opened it because it was covered with stickers.

She randomly sent our family a few letters over the years with a $5 bill in it to go pick out a treat to share.

She was extremely frugal and really good at budgeting. However, she had the most giving heart and loved sending love notes and gifts.

She kept the most amazing garden and would can for weeks on end in the fall.

She had an amazing memory and would often say as she chewed on the bottom of her lip “that was in 1987…the same year I put up 97 jars of anaheims.”

Her trademark foods that she would bring to family gatherings were breadsticks, M&Ms (in honor of my mom), butterscotch rice krispies treats called Butterscotcharoos or plain rice krispies treats with sprinkles.

In the past few years, many of her children have not been very kind to her, but it was a neat experience to see some of their hearts change after she passed and at the funeral.

Emily, Kristin, Sarah, Katie, Hollie, and I were honored to be able to serve her family like she has served us. We made her famous chili, rice krispies treats and guessing jars for the funeral luncheon.

Her funeral was limited to 100 people due to Covid-19, but our family was practically her own so we were able to go.

At the Hooper cemetery where she is buried (near her mom and dad Helen Allen), we did something so unconventional for a funeral. But it made me happy.

She loved SNOW and winter. And stickers. Her children brought stickers and fake snow to adorn her casket. You better believe every single sticker was used.

The thing that stood out to me as I watched her grandchildren keep placing stickers on (with no one rushing them) was that is exactly how she would want it. She was so patient with children and wanted them to feel important.

I’m thankful for her legacy and for the chance to see her and my mom again!

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