Happy Halloween Y’all

October 31, 2020

Our country crew celebrated Halloween a little differently this year. With the huge rise in Covid cases, we opted for a Halloween party with our family. The Poll’s hosted and I don’t think anyone thought twice about our usual traditions.

We played Halloween Bingo, the touch and feel game and all the kids had 3 floors of trick-or-treating. Each room had a different kind of treat and by the end they had just as much as usual.

There was BYU game and Hocus Pocus-watching, hot tubbing and eating yummy soups in pumpkin bread bowls, mummy dogs and fruit.

I told Brandon I had 2 expectations for Halloween…one of them being family pictures. Family costumes bring me so much joy, but getting good photos to remember that makes me even happier. Thankfully everyone was a good sport, minus Eli who was a bit sad.

I love my country crew all hope y’all had a great Halloween!

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