Texas Girls Trip: Austin

November 7, 2020

(November 7, 2020)

After we dropped Kristin off at the airport, Cheri, Emily, Hollie, Sarah, and I drove into Austin to explore the city.

Sarah, Cheri, and I rented bikes and biked along the river while Hollie, Emily and baby Nixon stayed back at the park. Biking is always one of my favorite ways to explore a city. We biked along the river and up to the capitol building. There were tons of protests going on from the election results.

Since we were on a girls trip, we can do silly things like drive all the way across town to find cool murals to get pictures in front of.


We hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but since Gourdough’s was in the neighborhood, we stopped to try the famous over-the-top donuts.

Then on our way out of Austin, we stopped at Bufalina’s pizza which was so delicious. Next stop: Lake Jackson!

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