2020 Trials

December 31, 2020

2020 has sure been shaping up to be quite the year. I started this post at the end of September, but had a few other things to add. With the amount of craziness we’ve experienced, it has felt like 10 years.

March 14thish- Immediate cancellation of school and church. This started out as a 2 week quarantine, but continued through the end of May. Distance learning at home on Ipads.

March 18th- Salt Lake City earthquake- also happened to be Brandon’s 35th birthday. Plans cancelled

April 4-5- General Conference is broadcasted only

May 21- School officially ends, never ending summer continues. Travel plans to New York cancelled. Traveling is not really an option for the summer

July 1- My 35th birthday, our van is towed away due to a faulty something or other and it wouldn’t start. Plans cancelled

August 25th- School starts back up at just 2 days per week

September 7-8- 91 mph windstorm hits Farmington. Back fence and 2 trees destroyed.

September 14th- School announces we will return to 4 days a week

September 16th- Kauia trip cancelled due to the quarantine being extended

September 23- Emergency school board meeting to rethink going 4 days and just sticking with 2. Decides to stay with 4

September 25- Dishwasher breaks

September 26- Have to tear up backyard due to enormous grubs who have eaten out all the grass roots

September 28- Kids start going to school 4 days a week. 10 weeks, 3 days pregnant, but have an ultrasound and the baby has no heartbeat.

October 22- Dear Aunt Sherol passes away unexpectedly. She was like my second mom.

December 7- find a lump in my breast and have appointment with regular doctor. She requests a mammogram.

December 29- Waiting for my first mammogram is brutal. Thankfully, no cancer! Good news to the end of this trial-filled year.

Holy cow! It seems as is Heavenly Father is trying to teach us flexibility or something. That our plans are not His plans. That being comfortable is not where we grow.

Our family school year themes is Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thy own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

I heard a quote that said, “We must get out of the comfort zone so we can get into the comforter zone.” It feels like we’ve been through so many emotional downs this year that have stretched us and have made us rely on the Holy Ghost for comfort.

Sometimes I just want to say Enough! Can we just have a little break from all of this? But I need to trust in Him and realize that He is making something beautiful out of ashes.

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