Covid & Covenants

February 15, 2021

When we planned this trip to Kauai, we knew there would be a chance that we wouldn’t be able to go if one of us got Covid. Or that something would come up that would prevent us from going.

Brandon and I had a trip planned there in September and had to cancel due to quarantine regulations.

Just a few days after we booked our tickets, we found out Shalyce, our neighbor had Covid. Blake had rode in her car that same morning to school and Shalyce had walked Evelyn home after she slipped on the ice.

I was really nervous that one of us would catch it and it would ruin our plans.

Meanwhile I’ve been reading Tim Ballards’ book The Pilgrim’s Hypothesis and was reminded about how the Lord wants to bless those who keep their covenants.

So I made a little deal with Him. I would do family history every day until we left for Kauai if he would keep us all healthy.

It worked! There were some days I spent hours reading family history stories or finding temple names. And there were some days that I only spent a few minutes organizing family photos or uploading a few to Family Search.

The promise that our hearts will be turned to our fathers is true. I have felt a greater love for my ancestors and learned some really amazing stories. In fact, my 4th great grandmother was at the meeting when the Saints were deciding who the new Prophet would be. Sidney Rigdon had felt that He should be the next one and got up and spoke for over an hour. My 4th great grandmother Ira said how boring it was to listen to him. And then she recounted how when Brigham Young got up the most amazing thing happened.– That those in attendance could literally see Joseph Smith and hear his voice in Brigham Young. That’s when they knew he should be the new prophet.

I am so excited to keep learning thee amazing stories.

I have a testimony of family history and convenants.

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