We Made It!

February 16, 2021

Our 4:15 am wake up call was not our favorite, but so worth it! Shalyce drove us to the airport to catch our 6:45 am flight. We got through security and to the new terminal all before they started to board, however, we realized we left our muffins, water camera and apple pouches back at security.

Brandon ran the half of a mile back to the security and back to our gate. We were the last ones to board the flight to Arizona.

Our 2nd leg from Phoenix to Honolulu was probably the best flight we’ve ever had as a family of 6. Blake and Evelyn sat in front of our row and pretty much entertained themselves with movies and games. Oliver and Eli were champs and stayed pretty content for the flight. Thanks to the remote control and touch screen that kept Eli occupied on and off.

Once in Honolulu, we had a 2 1/2 hour layover. We grabbed Burger Kings, since that was the only restaurant open (the airport was dead due to Covid). By this time, all the kids were drained and Blake was feeling sick.

Our last flight to Lihue was a breeze…just a quick take off, in the air for a few minutes and then descent. We were all SO relieved to be off the plane.

But of course Covid makes things more difficult. Off the plane, we waited another hour to have our Covid test papers checked and officially let in to Kauai.

We are still not allowed to rent a car until our 3-day quarantine is over, so we caught a $21 taxi ride to the Hilton Garden Inn.

Everyone was so done at this point. It was 11 pm Utah time by the time we got to our room and in bed. We ate some snacks I had packed and called it a night.

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