Bubble Life

February 17, 2021

Kauai has a mandatory 72-hour quarantine policy for anyone coming from the mainland. Thankfully we can be anywhere on the “resort bubble” hotel property for these 3 days. And you know what? Bubble life isn’t so bad.

We almost didn’t come because of this resort bubble plan, but it’s been wonderful (ask me again on day 3 of it). I’m not sure when else we have an excuse to swim, sleep, not cook!, and relax without feeling guilty about it. Usually we hit the ground running on vacations, so this is a nice change of pace to ease into it. Especially after a long travel day.

I stuffed our suitcases full of snacks and instant oatmeal but we did have breakfast and dinner delivered today since we were all snacked out.

When we got here last night, it was raining and dark. So the first thing we did this morning was explore the grounds. The children loved the roosters and the waves and the palm trees and wanted to pick all the beautiful flowers.

My favorite quote of the day was when Blake saw the gazebo overlooking the ocean and said, “Mom, this would be a great place to date!” Haha. I guess we’re raising a little romantic.

We took early naps and then swam, ate pizza, and worked on schoolwork until bed.

Currently, Brandon and I are laying in bed working on computers while the 4 children sleep peacefully on the other bed. We are happy and grateful to be here!

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  • Andrea Nelson

    Can’t wait to follow your journey on here! Glad you got there safe!

    February 18, 2021 at 10:06 am Reply
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