Freedom! (First Trip to Poipu Beach)

February 20, 2021

After our 72 hours in the Quarantine Bubble Brandon picked up our rental van and we drove straight to Costco to stock up on groceries. Our cart was full to the brim, but buying food for the month is much cheaper that way. And cross that off my bucket list. I’ve always dreamed of a time when we would fill the cart with vacation food!

Once we had a good night sleep, we hit up Poipu beach for the first time. It’s the perfect little beach for children. Little waves, shallow water and soft sand. Since it’s only a few minutes from where we are staying, we will definitely be going back again and again.

Brandon is famous for his sand castles, the boogies boards were a big hit and we met our first Turtle friend. In fact, we didn’t even notice it was a turtle until we had been playing for a while.

We were so excited to be out of quarantine that we went back later that night to watch the sunset and play at the park.

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