Ho’opi Falls

February 27, 2021

If you ask Brandon and I what our favorite thing was in Kauai, Ho’opi Falls would be right at the top (along with kayaking to Secret Falls and splurging at Koloa Landing.)

We hiked about 1 mile through rainforest and jungle. (And were so grateful to know there weren’t any snakes lurking around.) It was a like a magical forest.

We got to the top of the Falls and couldn’t find out how to get to the bottom. We kept going on the trail for a while, but realized that we were getting farther away from the river. So we turned back and finally found a little cut off trail to go down to the base of the falls.

Once there, we played in the cascading water fall and we all did the rope swing! (Minus Eli.) Our family was the only one there and it was one of those really fun bonding moments where we all cheered each other on doing a new thing.

The water was a little cold, but but not too bad. We stayed there for a few hours. Hiking out was quite the memory, too. It was a total downpour. Eli and Oliver were scared, but the rest of us enjoyed getting super muddy and wet (we were already wet anyways). It was very memorable.

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