Kayaking The Wailua River

March 3, 2021

My friend Amanda Grow and her family were in Kauai the same time we were and she insisted that Brandon and I go on a date while she watched our children. So kind! We went kayaking up the Wailua River (which I had done when I was there on my senior trip) but I wanted Brandon to experience it.

The kayaking up the river was much longer than I remember, but we had a great time chatting and saying our fair share of “Are we there yet?’ Once we got to the turn off, we parked our kayaks and took a trail to Secret Falls, a beautiful waterfall with a pool underneath it. We did a quick swim and then headed back out.

Right as we finished kayaking, it started to downpour! We changed in the car and ran to dinner and gelato before picking up our children. We’re so grateful we got to have this fun experience together.

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