Makauwahi Cave, Kauai

March 17, 2021

On one of our final days, we ventured to the Makauwahi Cave preserve. We didn’t know what to expect and boy were we in for a treat! We parked at the very top of the hill and then found our way down to the trail. This view was stunning.

And so was hiking through the trees. We got to the cave and unfortunately, we couldn’t go in because it was only open on weekends, but we still got to see it from the top.

It started pouring rain at the bottom, so we stopped to take cover for a few minutes. Then we ventured across the bridge and found a farm of sorts and giant tortoises! We were allowed to go into the enclosure and touch them, which was so fun!

We then found a little entrance to the beach and were the only ones there. We played in the waves and I just felt so much gratitude for my family and the opportunity to be in that moment with them.

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