St. Patrick’s Day & Brandon’s Birthday At Koloa Landing

March 17, 2021

We decided to end our time in Kauai with a bang! Brandon’s 36th birthday plans were cancelled due to an earthquake, so we wanted to make sure we had a good redo this year!

Koloa Landing has a pool that is rated #1 in the country, so we decided to splurge and spend our last night there. It was SO worth it. I’m proud of myself for saving us $200 by signing up for a credit card offer.

We said goodbye to Pili Mai, headed to Warehouse 3560 for lunch and to browse the shops and then checked in at Koloa to spend the day swimming.

There was so much rain the last few days that we were thrilled to have a hot, sunny day!

We invited the Grows to join us and we swam and played until the sun went down. Such a great way to end our time with them there!

Brandon’s birthday was our last day in Kauai. I grabbed breakfast for him at Little Fish Coffee and then we swam and played soccer as a family.

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