Video| Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

April 12, 2021

Before I knew I would be SO sick from pregnancy, we (Evelyn and I) booked tickets to go on a girl’s trip to the Skagit Valley tulip festival in Washington with Sarah and Emily and Charlotte. Thank you $93 round trip airfare tickets! (I’m a sucker for cheap flights!) We timed in just right for the tulips to be in bloom the 3rd week of April.

I was feeling pretty miserable before we left and was tempted to stay home, but I didn’t want Evelyn to miss out. And Brandon reminded me that if I was going to feel miserable somewhere, it might as well be on a trip where I could just sleep if need be.

I was able to power through and am so glad we got to go! We made some great memories riding bikes through the tulip fields, hiking along the sound, visiting Pike’s Place Market and eating delicious food at Calico Cupboard. It was do delicious we ate the same thing 2 different times there.

Making memories are my favorite and I’m glad we could do this!

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