Painting The Garage Floor With Confetti!

May 8, 2021

The first weekend I was feeling slightly better from morning sickness (as in I could stay up past 7 pm), Brandon was cleaning out the garage. When he cleans the garage, go goes all out…literally. He takes every single thing out, unlike me who would just clean around stuff.

He has been wanting to paint the garage floor for years now, so I suggested we should just do it while it was empty! He ran to Home Depot to get the paint and after a day spent power washing and cleaning and prepping, we had a date night painting the garage floor with epoxy and confetti!

Not only does the garage look a million times better (and it feels so much cleaner, too), but it was the first night in months that we actually hung out and did something together. I think it’s kind of fun that we were literally throwing confetti around to celebrate me feeling somewhat better.

Before, During & After!

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  • Andrea

    So grateful you’re feeling a bit better, and what a fun/productive way to celebrate! It turned out SO good!

    June 7, 2021 at 7:39 am Reply
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