Sunday Party of 7!

May 17, 2021

The news is out! Usually I like to wait until I’m further along (like 18 weeks), but this pregnancy has been so rough on all of us. I’ve had to spill the beans to neighbors and my YW presidency because I just have felt so crummy. Days lately consist of popsicle eating, drinking ginger ale, laying on the couch while Eli and Oliver watch shows, taking a nap, eating too much take out and frozen pizzas, and just doing whatever to survive.

Brandon has been a champ to to pick up my slack…but I also go to bed around 8:30 which means he’s been left alone most nights. Hopefully I’ll get feeling better real soon.

I was so happy to see that this little one is growing and has a heartbeat at my 12 week appointment a few weeks ago. We’re hoping it’s a girl. Evelyn wants a sister sooo bad! Maybe that’s why I’ve felt so rotten compared to my last 2 pregnancies? Who knows. Time will tell.

Sunday Party of 7 coming this November!

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