Oliver Finishes Preschool

May 27, 2021

Oliver had an abrupt end to preschool in March 2020 and I wasn’t sure what the Covid-19 situation would be in the Fall, so I didn’t sign him up for preschool since he was doing Upstart (our favorite free preschool from the state of Utah). But while we were in Kauai, I heard of a cute preschool that had an open spot in the afternoon class and felt like it would be a right choice for him.

He went Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for 2 1/2 hours, which actually turned out to be such a blessing since I was so sick with this pregnancy. I would drop him off and then Eli and I would sleep the entire time he was gone.

He loved it so much! He made a lot of friends and his teacher Miss Sarah always commented on how nice and fun and sweet he was. We got to watch a short program on his last day and see all the things he loved.

Next stop…kindergarten!

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