My 35 Adventures

July 1, 2021

It’s my tradition to do adventures for however old I am. Since it’s my 36th birthday, here are my 35 adventures from the last year! It’s been quite eventful!

  1. Van breaks down on my 35th birthday so our plans are cancelled
  2. See Christ in Christmas is published! My first book!
  3. Had a miscarriage with baby #5 at City Creek while we were eating dinner at Cheesecake Factory- quite the eventful night! (Sept 2020)
  4. Memorized YW theme
  5. Hiked in Zion with my family (Oct 2020)
  6. Learned how to do sales tax (Jan 2021)
  7. My book is in all the Utah Costco stores- they sell out! (Dec 2020)
  8. Biked to McPolin Barn in Park City
  9. 95 mph wind blows down tree and fence- we escaped to a hotel by the airport to get some sleep (Sept 2020)
  10. Made family country halloween costumes (Oct 2020)
  11. Swam while it was snowing at Zermatt (Dec 2020)
  12. Ice skated at Midway- the largest outdoor skating rink in Utah (Dec 2020)
  13. Took my first trip to Texas! (Nov 2020)
  14. Visited the famous Magnolia Silos (Nov 2020)
  15. Biked around the city of Austin (Nov 2020)
  16. Added board and batten to our family all by myself. I used power tools! (Nov 2020)
  17. First mammogram- no cancer! (Jan 2021)
  18. Lived in Kauai for a month with my family (Feb-Mar 2021)
  19. Kayaked Wailua River with Brandon (March 2021)
  20. Family rope swing adventure at Hoopi Falls (March 2021)
  21. Was a swimsuit model for Rhea (March 2021)
  22. painted the kid’s bathroom tile floor (Jan 2021)
  23. Called to be YW Secretary (Oct 2021)
  24. Recommitted to being vegetarian, mostly plant-based (Jan 2021)
  25. Installed new kitchen hardware
  26. Took turns snuggling with each child on most nights
  27. Biked through Tulip fields at Skagit Valley with Evelyn (April 2021)
  28. Park City getaway with Brandon- discovered FiveSeeds, my new favorite restaurant (May 2021)
  29. Got the Covid-19 vaccine (April 2021)
  30. Ran the entire Heritage Trail in Kauia and loved it! (March 2021)
  31. Built snowman with Blake
  32. Painted the front porch cement (Sept 2020)
  33. Church returns to 1 1/2 hour church. No masks required for vaccinated. (May 9th)
  34. stayed in historic bed and breakfast with Brandon in Provo (Jan 2021)
  35. Pregnant with baby #6! Crossing our fingers for a girl! Due November 2021
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