Sunday Swimming Pool 3.0

October 9, 2021

We fell in love with our Sunday Swimming Pool 2.0 , but it was always a test run to see if we would actually like to own a real pool. Thanks to a big wind storm that gave us just the push to actually go for it! (And so far, owning a real pool is way easier than an above ground)

Here’s the recap of how it went down:

May 30– windstorm breaks our above ground pool- just the push we need to go for a real pool

June 2- send photos to pool companies to get bids

August 30– Excavator arrives!

August 31– digging begins

September 1

September 2

September 8– digging trench for pool bathroom

September 9– more digging, stakes set up for install

September 10– back fill arrives

September 13- pool is delivered and set in ground, shed moved

September 17

September 27– prepping for concrete

October 4– cement

October 6

October 7– cleaning the pool, getting it heated

October 8- First Swim on Evelyn’s 8th birthday!

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