The Longest Halloween Ever

November 1, 2021

Halloween is over. As much as I love this festive month, it’s been an exhausting one. I just haven’t had the energy like I normally due with baby #5 joining our family soon. In fact, the kids carved their pumpkins on their own one day after school without me doing anything but supervise cleanup.

With Halloween on a Sunday, it seemed like it was a weeklong celebration. We had Oliver’s birthday Tuesday, Evelyn’s activity days party Wednesday, classroom parties Thursday, trick-or-treating at Sarah’s office and King Halloween Hooplah Friday, trick-or-treating and dinner at the Harrisons on Saturday and then dinner in a pumpkin with G’ma and G’pa Sunday on Sunday.

But at the same time, how blessed we are that our busy week was full of making memories and spending time with dear people in our life. Another one for the books!

Some of my favorite memories were snuggling up and reading Halloween books together in last year’s Halloween pjs.

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