Evelyn’s Show of Gratitude

November 20, 2021

Showing up to Evelyn’s dance recital in my sweats and hospital bands with brand new baby Madeline was not our plan, but I guess that’s a great segway into the life-with-5-children gig we are entering.

It took longer to get discharged from the hospital, so my brother picked up Evelyn from our house and met us at the recital. We didn’t have a brush or hair elastics, so I grabbed the one from my hair and quickly pulled up her hair backstage. We had about 30 seconds to spare before her performance started.

Brandon, Madeline, and I pushed through the crowds to find a seat to enjoy her dance. Sweet Madeline was alert and adorable in her carseat. Other parents couldn’t believe we were all there coming straight from the hospitla, but I assured them this wasn’t our plan and that’s just how it worked out.

Evelyn was so pleased to have both me and her brand new sister at her show of gratitude.

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