The Tulip Festival (And Letting Go)

May 4, 2022

Emily invited us to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival with our littles before afternoon kindergarten started. I really loved watching the children run excitedly from flower to flower.

My favorite quote of the day from Oliver, “look, these are called Fling flowers” after he saw a Spring Fling sign.

As a mom to 5 for almost 6 months now, I recognized how much I have let go. Maybe it’s a permanent change or somewhat temporary. But either way, this is life right now and I am learning to embrace it.

Embrace using my iPhone instead of my big camera. (To pack one more thing doesn’t sound fun these days.)

Not editing these photos before I post them. Gasp!

Letting the boys run around and not try and get the picture perfect picture of them. And even letting them eat in the photo!

Embraceing just soaking in the fresh air and good sister chat time.

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