My 36 Adventures

July 3, 2022

Per tradition, here are my 36 adventures from my 36th year of life! Life just keeps getting better, despite the challenges that come!

  1. Went glamping at Conestoga ranch for my 36th birthday (July 2021)
  2. learned how to do baseboards and redid trim (Sept 2021)
  3. Visited Phoenix, AZ with Brandon for our 13th anniversary trip (Sept 2021)
  4. Snuck in hotel to get a picture by the mural in Scottsdale, AZ with Marcelle
  5. We put in a pool! (Finished October 8th 2021)
  6. Delivered our 5th baby- sweet Madeline (November 18, 2021)
  7. Exceeded my financial goals for So Festive (December 2021)
  8. Survived Covid- had Covid for Christmas (December 23, 2021)
  9. Wallpapered the butler’s pantry (February 2022)
  10. Served as secretary in YW
  11. Did 12 Days of Valentines for Brandon (February 2022)
  12. Volunteered to take photographers of refugees
  13. Closed on our Bear Lake house (December 2021)
  14. Painted shed white with black door
  15. Helped put on Teacher Appreciation Soda Bar for Halloween (October 2021)
  16. My Christmas Book was sold in Costco, Seagull Book and BYU Bookstore (December 2021)
  17. Made a Key Lime pie from scratch for the first time ever
  18. Made cheesecake from scratch for the first time
  19. Took an adult trip with Sunday family to Bear Lake before Sundays left on mission (March 2022)
  20. Finished Saints Volume 1 – book working on it for a few years
  21. Learned how to clean carpets alone and did our entire house before General Conference (April 2022)
  22. Tried Bhutanese food for the first time- really enjoyed the Banana puffs
  23. Made buttermilk biscuits for the first time ever
  24. Took a walk in the 13 degree temperature in Garden City with my sisters
  25. Biked the path in Garden City
  26. Took all 5 children to Tracy Aviary over Spring break
  27. Rode on Rattlesnake Rapids with older 4 children at Lagoon (June 2022)
  28. Double date to the Parade of Homes with Richins (June 2022)
  29. Saw Shoshone Falls in Idaho Falls for the first time (June 2022)
  30. Drove the entire Oregon Coast with my family (June 2022)
  31. Spoke in Sacrament meeting on Wilderness experiences (May 2022)
  32. Saw Cinderella the musical with Evelyn and Sarah (March 2022)
  33. Wrote letters to people in the Netherlands to tell them about the church
  34. Put on Around The World Teacher Appreciation Week at the school
  35. Started our addition- lived with dirt piles in yard and house for 7 months!
  36. Watched a movie with my children the night before my 37th birthday
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