Escaping the heat at Bear Lake

July 20, 2022

I’m happily blogging in real time! Wow, I can’t remember the last time that happened. so much to catch up on, but I’ve got to just start now.

We tore out our AC units in the Fall thinking our addition would be done, yet here we are in the middle of July and still no concrete. It’s been the perfect storm of delays.

There was a few open dates at our Bear Lake house so we took advantage to escape the heat. It’s been a wonderful and cool reset for us. And a nice change of pace.

Highlights included: swimming in the pool, buying a swimsuit at the gas station since I forgot mine, taking an evening walk to the beach and impromptu swim in undies for the kids, playing Zelda, sleeping in, evening pickleball, and meeting up with the Nielsens at the beach ( Jenny was a friend from junior high and high school). Our kids were instant friends.

Brandon still had to work, but living here in the cooler temps was so wonderful. Bear Lake is winning our hearts more and more.

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