Half Marathon #5

July 23, 2022

My word for 2022 is “finish”. And today I accomplished one of my finishing goals by running the Deseret News half marathon.

My cousin Cheri was the initiator behind it all and we ended up with quite a group of runners.

Justin, Michael, Hollie, Cousin Cheri and Jake and I all did it. And there’s something so fun about doing a race together.

I had no expectations for myself but to finish but I did better than I thought I would. I ran the entire time- which I wasn’t sure I could do since my longest training run had only been 8 miles.

My time was 2:12:40- a 10:07 miles pace- also something I didn’t expect to do since my practice runs were around 12 minute miles. No PR, but I’m just proud for doing something hard.

And let’s not forget the girls night Hollie and I had the night before at Sarah’s house. Waking up at 3:45 is easier when someone else is with you!

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