Tears & Tram at Snowbird

August 10, 2022

Now that we’re all over Covid, we’ve been cramming all our last Summer adventures. We’ve loved our Utah Connect pass since it gets us out to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do.

I felt brave enough to drive the 5 to Snowbird and take them on the mountain tram. It’s so gorgeous up that canyon…. I can see why my dad proposed to my my mom there.

With Madeline strapped in the carrier, we hopped on. Blake and Evelyn and Oliver savored the views, but Eli was scared over the bumps and cried and cried.

A sweet lady took these pics of us and said we needed to remember this moment. He finally calmed down. Phew! Momming 5 is always an adventure and not easy, but I’m thankful I get to have these experiences with my children. Still worth it!

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