Fall Break in Bear Lake

October 16, 2022

Brandon flew up to Oregon for his grandma Millie’s 90th birthday. Once I realized it was fall break when he’d be gone, I knew I wanted to escape too! Our home hasn’t been the best environment to be in lately— lots of toxic feelings dealing with our contractor and staring at unfinished and shoddy work he’s done has really taken a toll.

Thankfully, Heavenly Father has given us a compensatory blessing through our Bear Lake condo. We have been able to go more times than we thought this year and it truly has been a respite from our home in the summer without a/c and a place to getaway from the physical and emotional mess we are living in right now.

Once I heard the Harrisons were moving, I invited shalyce and her kids to go up with for a few days. It was tiring but oh so great to be away and just focus on my kids for a few days.

The indoor rec center just got finished so we were one of the first to enjoy the indoor pool, pickleball courts, bounce house, ping pong table, playground and lounge.

Shalyce brought cookies to decorate and crafts to do.

We took a hike by their new house in Ogden on the way up.

We took a walk to the beach and played in the sand and water until the sun went down. Who knew it would be 75 degrees this time of year!

And a pic at our favorite photo wall!

After they left on Saturday afternoon, I tried to get a nap and it didn’t go well. I knew I would be ornery if we stayed around so I made everyone hop in the car and we drove to Paris. Paris, Idaho that is.

We went leaf peeping up the canyon and stopped at Cody’s gastro garage for dinner. First time taking all 5 kids to a restaurant alone. And it actually went ok! We missed Brandon though since he loves eating out.

I had nothing to be back for so we stayed through Sunday. I took the all 5 kids alone to the visitor branch and boy did we need it! It was super rough morning getting everyone ready and we did not have the spirit with us. But church calmed us down and was very much needed. I got a nap finally and then drove back through the absolutely stunning canyon to get home.

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