Spudnut Night 2022 At Trunk or Treat

October 29, 2022

We were still in the middle of our construction nightmare and had absolutely no place to host our annual spudnut night. Our ward was planning on doing a Trunk or Treat, so we got creative and decided to pull off a Krispy Kreme -themed trunk and costumes. We spent the afternoon making all the spudnuts (actually Brandon did most of it-he’s better than I am now at making spudnuts) and then decorated our trunk to look like a Krispy Kreme drive thru window.

The other children wanted to pick their own costumes, but Brandon and I were Krispy Kreme workers and Madeline was a donut.

Everyone loved our spudnuts (as usual) and we even won the best trunk! It was the first time our ward has done trunk and treat and a great one at that.

And now our traditional picture- it’s getting harder and harder to fit all of us in!

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