Kauai Escape- Day 1

January 20, 2023

Brandon and I needed a getaway. We had been through so much since September which I’ll share about in another post, but this post is all about Kauai! Since our contractor had stolen so much money from us, finances were tight and every extra penny needed to go towards the house.

But I was searching one night and found round trip tickets for Brandon and I for $75 each! We had a week to get ready and find sitters, but it worked out and boy did we need it.

Since we lived there for a month in 2021, I didn’t feel the need to see and do everything. This trip was about healing and connecting and doing it in a pretty place.


First stop was to Holey Grail Donuts made with a local root flour. They were tasty and if you’re going to eat donuts on the morning of a long hike, these are the kind to eat since they were not overly sweet or oily and tasted very hearty/earthy.

Na Pali Coast

Hiking the Na Pali Coast was the only thing I really wanted to do. Thankfully there were some reservations still available and Brandon was up for the adventure. We waited around all morning for Nourish Hanalei to open (I wanted to try their acai bowls), but to our dismay they decided to not open shop. (Islandlife) Had we known it was never going to open we would have started hiking earlier to make it to the waterfall. We made it to the beach though and it was just gorgeous the entire time. We had the best conversation and after the hike we felt like we could go home already.

We ended up clocking 8 miles by the time we got back to the shuttle. We went back to our condo in Princeville, showered and went to get dinner at Hideaways Pizza.

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  • Cathy Wilson

    Sounds like you needed this trip. Great job on getting tickets for $75 dollars. I hope you can get your money back what a terrible thing to happen. Love you. Aunt Cathy

    June 18, 2023 at 10:45 am Reply
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