Easter 2023

April 9, 2023

Easter was bit strange this year. We had quite an event happen the day before and so I honestly wasn’t sure what Easter would be like. However, it turned out to be glorious and simple celebrating Christ’s resurrection. I know my Savior lives!

Last Supper

We did our traditional Last Supper feast on Thursday of Holy Week. This was the first time seeing our new fireplace as a backdrop…I was still in the process of styling it, but I’m loving how it is turning out.

Easter Sunday Best

I had been working hard to find all the children new outfits for Sarah’s wedding. I picked up Madeline and Evelyn’s dresses they day before Easter, so it was perfect timing to kill two birds with one stone. They looked so cute!

Easter Dinner

Brandon invited a friend from our ward who was all alone over for Easter dinner. I had fun making these napkin bunnies at the last minute!

Easter Egg Hunt

To end the day, we did our Easter egg hunt in the front yard. Eli was concerned for weeks leading up to Easter that there would be nowhere to do the hunt since our backyard was still not in. I reassured him our front yard would be just perfect.

Madeline was so fun to watch as she crawled around and tried to grab multiple eggs. I can’t choose which pictures are my favorite, so you can see them all. I was so enthralled watching her that I didn’t even get any other pictures…but the children were happy with their candy and coins!

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