Sisters Brunch & Pedicures

May 10, 2023

Sarah’s wedding week was nothing short of non-stop fun and exhaustion. Haha. I warned Brandon it was going to be a full week and it sure was! I’m thankful he made it possible for me to help so much and escape for the fun stuff, too. (And also Shalyce who kept Eli and Madeline that day while B was at appointments.)

We met at the Grand America for brunch at the Laurel. Yummy and fun. The courtyard was in full bloom and I felt like we had stepped into a wonderland.

Next up pedicures! Glad Em got some pics!

Sarah and Em took off and I drove Hollie and Kristin back to my dads house. On the way back we realized we needed to stop at Ruby Snaps for cookies and Target to get some umbrellas for bridals. Essentials of course.

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