20th High School Reunion

May 13, 2023

How has it been 20 years since I graduated from good old Davis High School? I was not sure I wanted to go to the reunion. I wanted to be there, but not be there. I wanted to be a fly on the wall, just watching and observing. With Sarah’s wedding the day before, I was exhausted from partying all week and cleaning up all morning and afternoon before it.

But I felt brave and courageous and decided to go. Brandon stayed with the kids and I drove to the high school party solo. I knew my friends Amanda and Alli were going to be there, but I’m actually really glad I went alone. I felt totally free to talk to anyone and everyone I wanted while I was there.

I talked with Brady Morris (my first Homecoming date), Adam Allen (my first 4th of July date and Senior Homecoming date), Greg Dixon (he made me a true dart and my first kiss and track and Hawaii buddy), Matt Ingles (another friend), Alli Passey, Jaci Porter, Emily Williams (track/XC friends), Jetta Valentine and Adrienne Steven (my Kaysville 5th ward friends), Stephanie Newbold (a friend from elementary and my soccer team), Mary McKay, Brandt Hill, Alicia Starkey, and others I can’t think of.

All in all, I went away from the night feeling SO THANKFUL. I realized how much I cherished the good people I got to associate with and how amazing of a group of friends I had.

I loved hearing what others had been up to and instead of feeling like it was a big brag fast, I felt like life had hit us all by now and we were just all trying our best.

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