Eli Finishes Preschool

May 23, 2023

My little Eli is all grown up and done with preschool. He had a brand new preschool teacher this year and wow, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Miss Julie and Miss Celeste were the absolute sweetest and did the cutest things with their class.

Each day, Miss Julie would greet Eli (and all the kids) with a hug outside of her home and then send them inside. He had a rough start and these big welcomes meant so much to me as he struggled going at first.

I am never too worried about my children learning a ton during preschool, but Miss Julie had a magical way of teaching kids to draw, read, sing and just love learning and life. I’m so sad she is moving on to other things, but I’m so glad Eli had such a great experience before kindergarten.

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