Bear Lake With Murrays and Trish

July 25, 2023

Since Marsh Lake was going to be too complicated for us and the Murrays, we spent a few days at Bear Lake together. I didn’t get many pictures, but going to be the beach, playing with cousins, swimming, watching movies and riding in the Murray’s van made everyone happy…and tired. My Aunt Trish (my mom’s sister Teresa) came up for dinner one night and ended up staying a few days. Her laugh and smile and way she talked reminded me so much of my mom and I’m so glad my kids got to see a glimpse of what their Grandma Marilyn was like.

Trish insisted she treat us to Bear Lake shakes so we loaded up in the Murray’s 12 passenger van and drove to Le Beau’s at 9 pm one night.

She also told us the story about how before my mom was married, my mom would would go to her house on Sunday nights to play games and hang out with her family. My mom would always bring ingredients for caramel popcorn and make it for them.

Trish still makes my mom’s caramel corn and went to the store up there to get all the ingredients so she could make popcorn for all the children. So sweet in all senses of the word. She also wanted to leave our condo better than when she found it and replaced the can opener for us.

Teresa has such a strong testimony of the gospel and her Savior Jesus Christ. She was constantly telling us how aware God is of her and despite the hard trials she has had in her life, she knows she is blessed and has many miracles.

We’re glad we got to spend a few days with her!

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