Oliver’s 8th Birthday

October 26, 2023

Oliver is 8! He chose to have a spider birthday since he is obsessed with spiders! I thought it was very appropriate since spiders have 8 legs and he’s turning 8. His birthday fell right in the middle of our Harry Potter dinners, but I was determined to make the day all about him.

He had a few birthday wishes- one of which to “dine in” for breakfast at Kneaders. We let him stay home from school and Brandon, Madeline, him and I had a Kneaders date. He stayed busy playing with his new lego car wash set, had spider sandwiches for lunch and then after school we had his favorite fettucine alfredo for dinner.

We snatched up some free tickets to Sea Quest which the kids always love. Then we finished the day off with cake in the Great Hall and a few more presents.

I sure love this creative, smart, kind kid. He loves exploring, playing in the dirt, is always coming up with cool creations, loves picking up snakes, bugs, spiders, and hates sweeping the floor but is so good at it.

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  • Cathy Wilson

    Love the pictures. He sure has grown up.
    Love you. Aunt Cathy

    November 11, 2023 at 12:48 pm Reply
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