Madeline’s 2nd Birthday

November 18, 2023

Our baby turned 2. I’m so sad I can no longer say that my baby is 1. But Madeline is ready to take on the world and so happy to be growing up. When we ask her how old she is, says, “5.”. Haha. She speaks in full sentences, knows what she wants, is the best at saying THANK YOU and loves her pink blanket.

For her birthday present, I repainted the rocking chair Evelyn got when she turned 1. Kind of sweet that they both have shared this rocking chair.

She loves guacamole, so that’s what she had for lunch. I loved all these pictures- her chubby fingers, her painted “mails” which we painted the night before, and her licking the bowl clean.

After her nap, we took the family to Loiue’s- this random pizzeria in Layton that has old school arcade games. They even had a little kid ones. It was random but the older kids had lots of fun, too. Then we went to Big Lots and let the kids look around at the toys. Wow. They were so happy.

We finished up the day with ice cream. Yep, I didn’t even make a cake, but she was happy nonetheless. It’s pretty awesome to have so much fun enjoying the simple things together.

We love this girl SO much. She makes us laugh, keeps me on my toes (is into everything), loves trying on shoes, loves taking pics on my phone (how she knows how to get into the camera is beyond me) and loves books. She is the perfect caboose.

And let’s always remember how much she loves painted “mails.” The 3 of us girls painted them the night before her birthday.

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  • Andrea Nelson

    She is just the cutest little thing!! I can’t even believe how fast two years has flown by! It feels like you just had her! Happy Birthday sweet Madeline!

    December 11, 2023 at 8:49 am Reply
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