Spontaneous Christmas Outing in the City

December 16, 2023

Shalyce and I both had a free night so we decided to have a Christmas outing. I legit looked up flights to NYC to see if we could find any last minute deals. We ended up in Salt Lake City and had such a fun time together. We didn’t have a plan for the night which made it all the more fun.

We drove to City Creek and walked around. I loved all the festive sights! I showed her the Frosty’s Winter Wonderland house – which is a crazy house in the avenues! We then stopped by Vessel and I introduced her to my favorite Falafel tacos and then we went to see the Christmas Carol at the Hopebox Theater. I had never seen it on stage and it made me cry.

This night was just what I needed after one the darkest days earlier this week.

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