Madeline’s Car Christmas Photo Shoot

December 20, 2023

For years and years, I have wanted to take Christmas photos of my baby in little red car. When I was thrifting with Hollie one day, I found THE CAR for just $15. Since Madeline is our last baby, I knew time was running out and I had to make this dream happen.

I purchased the car, we drove to get spray paint and within a few hours we had the project completed! That’s my kind of project. I was happy to even figure out away to remove the cheesy eyes.

And then I waited for the perfect time to take a Christmas photo shoot. We didn’t get much snow, so on our way to Bear Lake just before Christmas, I threw it in the car and hoped we would find the perfect spot on the way up.

My dad was in our car with me and and helped me pull this off while Brandon and the boys went up ahead.

It made all my Christmas dreams come true. This was as close to a Christmas card we got this year, but I felt totally content to have one less thing on my list this year. And yes, it was cold, so there were a few tears at the end, but what a treasure to have these of my sweet Madeline!

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